DCH are proud to announce that we are now able to provide an increased level of service for people throughout Calderdale. We are now able to support people with heating simple meals, making snacks or provide companionship.

DCH visit people in the community and endeavour to keep the same cleaning operatives every week, working this way enables us to get to know our clients and their requirements and the client gets to know who is visiting their homes or work places. We have found this works well for us and have given us a good name in and around Calderdale.

The number of people and families who contact us for assistance with cleaning, laundry, and shopping is continually growing. Unfortunately we have previously not been insured to make a cup of tea, make a snack or heat up a meal for any of our clients. DCH have decided that Basic Home Help is something that we wanted to offer within our service as we care about all of the people we work with.

We have now upgraded our insurance so we can provide EXTRA help under the Basic Home Help title. We are now able to support people with making drinks, heating frozen meals, making snacks or provide companionship to people.

However, Please NOTE we are not trained carers. We CANNOTprovide the following services:-  Personal Care, Dressing, Toileting, Assisting with Mobility, Dispensing or Prompting of Medicines, Getting up or Putting to Bed service.

We are happy to discuss your requirements and can provide short term support to people, for example where family are away on holiday, or longer term support on a regular basis.